Social Media Companies Statistics

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There is no doubt that social media have garnered the respect of 99.9% of the world’s business community. This comes even after the fact that it does take a lot before a company gets to called one of the social media companies. The transition certainly is not the factor that makes the business owner’s excited. As always, it is the result. Leading marketing analytic companies has revealed that that the top leaders on social media adoption are mostly increasing their budget for social media marketing for next year. In retrospect, this is exactly the same move they executed back in 2011 going to 2012.

It is easy to feel nostalgic. There are countless times when I had almost hit that send button sending out a message to doubter companies (these are the past companies I’ve made a pitch to about integrating social media) saying, “I told you so”. Nevertheless, since that is not ethical (and it’s rude) I’m glad that I was able to hold myself back.

From the same research comes even more showings that are striking. One of which describes how people are now using their smartphones to access social media content in 2012. It is now up to 63% of all people surveyed to be exact. The last time I checked early last year for that figure is that its share is only 30%. That jump is more than double the precious standing! These studies, which solidifies social media’s influence to the consumers, also offers a hefty fine for all companies that is late to consider social media in the past.

Another key component that was made concrete by the study is the affinity of people with pictures. Yes I know it sounds so simple, but not all of us embed images in our ever tweet, update or blog post don’t we? Pictures came out on top of the lists of what people want to see on our content as marketers and businesses. 40% of them said that a picture makes a difference whether they would engage a brand more or not.


This comes not with too much surprise. If we are to take a look at the top 100 social media companies, over half of them, 54% to be exact can be seen on Instagram. Because of this move, companies like Nike, Starbucks, and GE (which have all embraced social media) have again proven that they are ahead of the curve. Look it up and Instagram is all over the news recently because of the trend that’s shifting people towards images. The same can be said with Pinterest. Facebook’s one billion acquisition does make sense after all. Instagram’s growth rate is showing it since it has jumped 35%. Compared with the performance of Google+, which is just at a measly 5%.

Daily Retweets is one of the most common strategies for increasing a Twitter user’s followers. Buying Twitter followers cheap is popular. This strategy works by leveraging existing leads and then “re-tweeting” them in order to increase your Twitter followers. Make sure that when you buy followers on Twitter they also offer daily retweets as part of their service.

We are now at a crossroad once again. This is the same scenario companies found themselves just 5% short years ago when social media was still at its infancy. I think whoever finds the right track first gets a chance to be a leader.

How to Make Own Website Effectively

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Mosaic 1.0 running under System 7.1, displayin...Websites are very essential to have today. It can help other people to have additional knowledge on anything you have to offer. It can also be a way to have easier access for other people and sell them your own products or services. There are many other ways that websites can be a great idea to be for an online presence. But making a website might be a bit tricky. Although there are several web developers that can help you to make own website, you can still try and make it on your own. There are some ways so that you can make your own simple website easily.

The very first thing to do when planning on making your own website is to have a domain name. The domain name is what people type in the search bar of the browser. It is the address of your website. It is  advised that it should be simple so that people would easily remember it. But before using the domain name you want to use, you should register it first to know if it is still available and reserve it so that people will not get the same domain name as your planned website. Next is to choose a web host for your website. A web hosting is like a web server and server space being rented for your website. Basically, it is where you will see the final result of your website. Users will see what your website will look like if people would check it online. Of course, you would sign in to your chosen web host so that you can start your own website.

After you’re done choosing your website’s domain name and choosing a web host, you can now start designing your very own website. Keep in mind that whatever you put to your website is related to your main reason to make own website. There are available free web editors online that can help you to create a personalized website that matches the design that you envisioned. These web editors are also called “What You See Is What You Get” or WYSIWYG. If you have a budget in making your website, the best known web editor is Dreamweaver. It is a web design application that will can help you in creating your fully-functional website. Appearance of a website is also important, since there are people who would get attracted to the whole output first before the content. As a beginner, you are not expected to have a great website, but with your creativity you can still make it simple and attractive at the same time.

Once you are done with the design and content of your website, it is now time to test if the site that you worked on is working. It can be done with any web browser on your computer. With this, you can see the final outcome of your website. You can run it live and find out how other people feel about it. If ever there may be some things missing or you may want to add more information, you can edit it instantly and test it again for confirmation.

A website is iterative in development. You can keep improving it even while it is already live. You should also keep updating it with new content. This can also be updated easily with the use of a blog.

Website Search Optimization

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keywordI have a met an internet marketer recently. And he has got quite a pleasant story to tell. This guy’s problem is that overnight he doesn’t know what exactly happened and his website that he created all of a sudden is ranked number one on one of his main keyword.

As you should know, choosing a keyword is one of the first few steps that need to be done for a website search optimization to go underway. In choosing the niche you and your site will be focusing on, you first need to come up with a list of keywords and run them through internet tools designed to come up with some helpful numbers. The numbers that would show up would tell a person whether he has some useless keywords with him or some of the killer ones. What we want are those that are being used by a lot of people on the search engines especially Google. We want to make sure that there is a constant stream of people using the keywords that we have monthly, because this is where we are going to draw traffic from.

Going back to the lovely problem we have above, there are few instances where one suddenly jumps up on top. If you’ve ever experienced this well first of all congrats, secondly these are normally the reason how that happened:

English: This image shows you various ways of ...

There is very little competition on the keyword. Chances are if you have no idea why there is a sudden spike on your search engine rank you don’t know how to use any SEO tools. Honestly, I am still surprised by the number of people who are not even aware of the keyword tool and they have knowledge on how to create a website. There are still a lot of them out there. If you’ve reached the top without having a clue; chances are you are just lucky with the keyword on your site.

It’s a killer keyword. You might have stumbled upon a killer one. Some may even go as far as calling it the golden keyword. These are phrases that are highly sought by many people on search engines but there aren’t enough content yet on the internet to supply the demand for it.

Google’s algorithm changes have placed you on top temporarily. I’ve heard and seen cases like these. Google has been busy to say the least about the changes they have been implementing on their main product which is search. What they are saying is that they are rolling out these changes for us to have more relevant results. What we need to know is that they are implementing the changes piece by piece. So it’s gradual and spread out to weeks or a month. During that period there are websites that have found their ranking moving into the extremes. These means that there are sites which found themselves at the rock bottom and then there are the lucky ones who have been stranded on the top – temporarily.

The reasons above though, all indicate the same thing that without proper knowledge of website search optimization you will not stay at the top for long.

You Should Be Buying Twitter Followers by Now

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My Twitter Class of '08Twitter can be enjoyable, exciting and fun filled but only if people are reading your tweets and tweeting back. Where no one is listening to what you are saying, the place turns boring and unhelpful.

To businesses, followers double up as a marketing team; people who spread the word about your products. This improves traffic which in turn increases sales. There are several ways of increasing Twitter followers. Here are 9 simple strategies to consider.

Tweet as much as you can

Users who tweet a lot naturally attract followers. People don’t go to Twitter to watch so why follow a person who is always silent? When you post regularly, you also become easily noticeable.

However, you should not just tweet for the sake of it. Always take time to plan and have a strategy in place clearly outlining the type of content you want to share with your community.

Be helpful to your followers

The only way to be useful to your following is to tweet about things that are driving the conversation in your market. In the 21st century, social media users seem to be bent towards things that add value to their lives. To this end it is important to draw a line between content meant for entertaining followers and content that impacts on their day to day lives.

Find and join conversations on relevant topics

As a shrewd business person, you probably already know your niche well including keywords that your competitors are using. The next step is to search for conversations on the keywords, join the conversations and make your voice heard. If you are always both amusing and helpful, users will find it easy to get along with you.

To be successful with conversations, never spam people with links to your products or website.

Add pictures to your tweets

Social media is all about sharing and compared to text, visual content is much more shareable. More shares means greater exposure which should result in increased followers. If you can take snaps of your products and share them with your community, it will work brilliantly for you. However, just as with text tweets, you have to pick on pictures that are helpful to your viewers. Also ensure that the pictures are of the highest quality possible.

Have personality

At the end of the day, users want to know that they are following a person and not a robot or an RSS feed. This can be tricky but never impossible. If you work as an animator from an office in the middle of town, you could still share pictures of you in the office and inform your followers of what you are eating for lunch.

Tweet most when your followers are online

To gain maximum exposure, it is best to tweet when your audience is online and listening. Tweeting at night for example doesn’t help much because everyone is asleep and unable to read your posts. Tweeting very early in the morning is also not advisable. If possible, do a quick Google search to know the times of day when your audience is online.

Another great idea is to tweet in accordance with time zones.

Target powerful tweeters

Key figures in any industry will always attract a huge following; you can have a slice of the cake by grabbing the attention of such people. If you can develop a relationship with one, rest assured of an increased following.

Join chats

As opposed to niche conversations, you are allowed to join any chat as long as it’s helpful to your course. If you sell product A, you may want to join a chat on business ideas even if the chat isn’t purely based around your products. However, the rule remains the same, let your opinion be heard but don’t fill the whole place with links to your website. It is also important to appreciate that chats are all about give and take where you contribute and listen to others opinions in equal measure.


You don’t have to implement all the tips listed here, simply go with what works for you. Remember that followers are only important if they are responsive. Sometimes you may be forced to unfollow followers who are not following you or those who don’t seem interested in your activities.

Why You Need To Buy YouTube Views

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YouTube - snapshotYouTube, being a social media giant used by millions all over the world, has become an integral part of a typical online user. However, since YouTube service is absolutely free, the number of people who have an account in this website is very large. Therefore, the competition for attention on is extremely intense.

Advantages of Buying YouTube Views

To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Search engine crawlers used by Yahoo, Bing and Google determine the amount of YouTube views together with other social network sites’ “likes” pertaining to a particular company website to determine their ranking on search engine page results. However, when you are starting to embrace YouTube, the number of views is very minimal, and may take quite some time to get a good number. So, when you buy YouTube views, you will be able to achieve your objective in the shortest time possible.

To Increase Brand Awareness

Using YouTube network with posted video is a perfect tool for online advertisement campaigns, especially when you intend to increase brand awareness. The only challenge arises from the fact that acquiring a target audience through a traditional way can be a slow and cumbersome process, requiring very many hours and huge expenditure. The best way out is to buy YouTube views from a reputable company selling significant at an affordable price.

Saves time

In YouTube, time is equivalent to views. When persons watch videos on YouTube, they do not pay anything, except that they have to spend some time to watch the content. Usually, people searching for videos, will opt for those with more numbers. Therefore, getting a large number of views, in the shortest time possible, increases the chances of the video standing out among its competitors.

Benefits of YouTube

YouTube continues to rank highly as a social network, compared to many of its competitors. Millions of users watch videos on YouTube every day. It is out of a discovery that many companies embrace YouTube to their online presence, and to utilize this site as a promotional tool for reaching out to their target audience.


When you buy YouTube views, you significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing plans. By increasing your number of views, as acknowledge by search engines, you will be able to improve your rankings, and hence drive potential customers to your site. This in turn increases your market coverage resulting in higher sales.

Why buy YouTube Views

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Offline Youtube AdYouTube is one of the major social media in the modern days. It is a key tool used by businesses for their products and services promotions. If your YouTube videos get more views the better because your products or services get more exposure because many people get to view it. However, all this depends on the quality of the video posted. One of the most lucrative ways of getting more YouTube views is by purchasing them from reputable websites that sell them at an affordable price. Below are some of the reasons why should buy YouTube views.

Have A Solid Customer Base

When you buy YouTube views, your video gets more viewers who will be watching every video that you post. If you post high quality videos, your fans will share it with their fans as well. This means that your video will attain a high number of viewers. Most of the viewers will end up being your business clients, thus increasing the number of your business customers. Having a solid customer base translates into more sales and profits for your business.

Better Rankings

Search engines rank videos on YouTube depending on the number of visitors who view the videos. When you buy YouTube views, you gain more active viewers that make your video to rank high among others. This is advantageous to your business because your products and services become more visible because in every search your brand will appear on the first page in every search engine.

Attain Your Target Views Easily

Attaining your target YouTube views is not easy because of the high competition in the market. It will take a lot of time and requires a great deal of efforts to make such high number of viewers.

Boost Brand Recalling

According to consumer psychology, people tend to purchase products or services they are familiar. If your videos go viral with at least one thousand views, it becomes easy for people to remember the brand and identify with it. The information about the brand is transmitted to other people either through sharing of the YouTube videos or through the word of mouth. Your YouTube video messages are also shared in the larger market among other networks, thus allowing you to get a competitive edge over others.


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Mobile AppCreating a mobile application is definitely a productive way of working from home. However, the returns from the venture often prove unsatisfactory. So here are seven tips that could ensure your mobile application business gain traction in the marketplace.

Figure out your apps usability

Think of even impulse app buyers so that your app gets round more; make it user-friendly.


Tailor your app to suit a new need. If the need is not new, make sure it competes with its peers.

Understand your target market

You need to determine which segment of society can actually be interested in the app that you are trying to sell. There is no point- none at all- of spending your hard-earned money to get advert space on websites whose traffic you have not quantitatively ascertained as interested in your product. So when you sit down to start thinking of this, start by defining to yourself the characteristics of your target niche of internet traffic.

Isolate and target your market segment

Once you have determined what your target market is, identify the traffic sources of the consumers you’re targeting and compile the list. Next, automate the tracking of these people so that you can see for sure which sites your target market not only visits but also sees the most. The obvious reason for this is because the more hits a website generates, the more your ad is seen and finally, the higher your sales go.

Construct an advertisement budget

After isolating your targeted internet websites, steer your advert budgets towards the sites that you have identified and try to do it intelligently. Concentrate your ads on demographics, sites and time zones that give you the most hits. This is a quick way of making sure that your app gets the most attention and grows since you would have a loyal consumer base to start with.

Think business-wise

Growing a mobile app is a business, that’s where the buck starts, that’s where it rests. When growing your mobile app, always consider the value (in terms of cash) you attach to getting a new consumer. In other words, how much money are you willing to spend on advertising your app? The primary goal of advertisement -and indeed the whole enterprise, is to get as much returns as possible while using as little money as possible. It doesn’t make sense to get your app to seek to be at the number one spot in the Sports category when your app could when the app you’re making is easily out budgeted by the #10 app. You know, vast differences in budgets result in differences in quality.

Push you app

Growing an app is basically hawking it. So if you want to get the most out of your app, just make the most noise! It’s challenging but the greenback definitely makes it worth it. So make incentives for your potential consumers to download your app (freebies like price offers can do). Get to know real-time bidding platforms and push your app. Finally, keep pushing until you see significant progress in its growth.

The aforementioned are 7 quick tips for growing your mobile app.

Network Marketing Tips

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Diagram describing the integration of business...Through network marketing, one develops business relationships and makes people to demonstrate confidence in his outlook. The idea seems to be quite energetic though, but the only problem is not everyone can achieve this goal on his own. People have to learn techniques that can help them achieve this goal. The following tips may help many of you.

It is a common belief that quantity is the key to success in every business, but this formula does not work in that area. You cannot rule out the importance of the quality that is considered the most important thing here. You should realize that you need dedicated people who will work with you on long-term basis. These people are actually the real asset who would earn money for themselves and for you.

Like in every other sphere of business in the world, timing is crucial here as well. Fix some hours for your work and do not try to get around that schedule. If you won’t put them into your business, you get nothing out of it. Try to finish one project each day. This simple step will increase the pace of your business. Timing is the only technique through which one can increase his business consistently.

You should know what are your preliminary goals and how will you achieve them. A good businessperson is the one who knows how many people he can attract into his business during a given period. If you are new in the field and do not know much about it, you can have an idea by searching through the systems of other businesses that are selling the same products. It is quite satisfactory to recognize what goals one is going to accomplish in the near future.

You can expect success only if you are fully committed to your business. Do not waste your time on other things and focus on the project that you have picked out for yourself. If you have been chosen the business and the product that you will sell, then there is no need for you to think about other things. Don’t waste time and buy Twitter followers.

Another useful tip is handing out your business cards to people whenever you get a chance. Being a dependent of network marketing it may look crazy though, but it is still considered a good way to make potential clients. You need to make sure that your card provides all the necessary information about your business.

There have been many forums online where you can get network marketing tips and techniques. Find a reasonable source for yourself, and make it your habit to spend time on this platform every day. However, one thing is important that you are not allowed to ruin the timing of your actual business because of it.

Make sure that whatever you are doing is according to the law. It will help your customers establish long-term working relationships with you.

It is not always easy to convince people about a new thing, and it is an art that not everyone can master. You only win when you learn through your mistakes.